Wednesday, November 09, 2011


 No idea who it is but I love the image!


Our pal Victor is currently sunning himself in Australia at his daughters en-route to a few months cycling in NZ. Before he left, Victor sent me some really old negs to look at and perhaps print. I am so impressed with these three that I post them here - hoping he doesn't mind :-)

Something tells me these were taken in Germany. Victor was in the RAF and was posted there. Maybe it was just after that as the bike was given t Vic by his pals when he left the RAF. I'm sure Victor will know when he sees them. Aren't they wonderful? Oh, and the bike; Eve, my partner rode it this year at L'Eroica bike event in Italy .

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gz said...

He hasn't really changed a lot, has Victor?
He was at the Newport Velodrome with his daughter before he went.
Lovely to see them all.