Thursday, November 24, 2011

Was Lowry here?

[Gaelic] Homage to Lowry

After the outstanding success of the last two snaps I posted, I realised I was on a roll - the same roll of film actually - and got to work printing up one of these masterpieces in t'darkroom while a storm rages outside, threatening to rip the ventilation pipe off its fixing. The snap was shot on a camera I found on a shelf around the place - a nice Kodak Retinette 1b as it happens - loaded with movie copy film called Polypan-f from some unknown source.  Shot the image 'on the fly' with 1 sec exposure [ish]. Once the potential masterpices had revealed its negative self I then printed on Adox MCC fibre. Nice eh? Well, I think so anyway. I have an even better one drying still since its short sepia bath this morning. Nothing too much trouble :-)


donnie said...

super - worth five times the bother :))

gz said...

very good indeed