Thursday, December 15, 2011

I can hear it ........

 North Tolsta
  North Tolsta

 "So, you're taking landscapes now are you? And pictures of the Callanish Stones too. What an earth has got into you?"
I can just hear it as I walk into the coffee club on Saturday morning with him of the Coelyns bending my ear and Toots grinning from ear to ear - as he is prone to do these days. I must admit that I may have mentioned that 'I don't so landscapes' once or twice.  I may also have mentioned how much the endless snaps of  the stones at Callanish are a particular irritant. But these are different. The snaps at the stones were because I went there to show a work colleague - [see below] - and my picture taking finger got over-excited. The other snaps? Well, I just like the look of snow :-)
"So Mi Lud, there rests my case."

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