Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shopping. What's that all about then?

We had to do a bit. Shopping that is. Tradition demands it for some reason. It's all to do with the Festival of  Conspicuous Over-Consumption don't you know. Luckily, local customs haven't embraced this festival fully yet preferring to get on with the day as per normal. But us English have been infused if not infected with this pagan celebration with gay abandon, drinking the supermarkets dry and emptying the shops as if they will be shut for a month - not the one day [possibly] that they are down there.

After coffee with Lewis Photographica [continuing] on Saturday, Eve and my good-self when into The Smoke - Stornoway, our small capital. The place was heaving. Lovely day though, sun shining and all that. Dosed up with coffee and cakes from Toots and the Windy's we raced around getting a few minor items to send southwards and an extra potatoe for us on Christmas Day. I took the opportunity to snap up the scenes of  mad shopping with a lovely Fujica Slr I have lurking - loaded this time with old Kodak Fine Grained Positive film. That's an old copy film with an iso of around 1 or 2 with a paper-type emulsion, Developed in Multigrade paper developer when I got home, I present to you;
Stornoway gone mad -Wabi sabi;[ a Homage to Nickolai Globe].


gz said...

Those images really convey the wet and windy weather

Andrea Ingram said...

It was actually sunny and calm for a change. Still, it is usually wet and windy :-)

The Barefoot Crofter said...

I think I might be in that last shot. ;). Hope you stopped for a cup of mulled wine - it was very cheering xx

Laurie said...

Glad you survived the hordes! Have a lovely holiday.

windy said...

wonderful set of pics :-)