Monday, December 26, 2011

Soggy Boxing Day

 MV Arran
Evelyn and my Dance Teacher

It's been raining for days up here. Gales howling too. I think The Crofter's coows have probably grown webbed feet by now. Still, it is unseasonably warm so we don't have to wrap up too much.

My dance teacher Karmiena, and Eve posed for me on a recent beach walk when I was lurking with camera with COLOUR FILM IN !. And then 'we' snapped up two views of the Harbour in Stornoway - one of which may contain my image. It vaguely resembles me anyway. It's not digital ICE I need with these colour neg scans but cryogenics!

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windy said...

Lovely pics. 'soggy' is an understatement :-(