Sunday, January 29, 2012


In my line of work, I do have little conversations with a variance of personages about all sorts of things. That's the sort of person I am. One thing that often crops up is the fact that we do not have a television at home - and have not had one for at least twenty years. I'm just waiting to see if they catch on first!
"What do you do in the evenings" I get asked, "stare at the walls?". Well no actually, we do have a pooter so I can look at things, watch an occasional film that gets sent by post, read books [remember those? ], print in my darkroom and countless other things - like talk to each other. Weird isn't it? It made me wonder how many more of you out there do not have a television.

In the meantime while you contemplate the above, I post two snaps to show you the fine grain of the Foma 400 @ 250 in Rodinal - although the choice of sand for this I now realise was a bit of a home goal. Oh well :-( 

 Look, little grain

Sand, not grain

BTW; the sun shone ALL day - bar the short time it didn't and Eve and I had a lovely stroll with my dance teacher Karmeina.


The Barefoot Crofter said...

No telly here either. A small person once asked incredulously "What do you watch? "

mbt said...

Yup - no idiot box for us - don't have the attention span anymore!!

gz said...

no TV here either...but I've just discovered that Revolution from itv4 is not on i-player. Bother!!

Bosse said...

And even we get along without a telly..