Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is why I don't 'do' colour [as well as landscapes]

 Mrs 'Up yours' Maciver tries out the new in stock Mr Muscle

Beth Windy sings the recipe of her magnificent cakerity Yuletide confection

Every now and again, I fall over a roll of colour film lurking in the dark recesses of the house. And as usual I get over-excited about the prospects of the this new fangled idea, pop it in the nearest camera and shoot away. Only, after the film comes back from being dragged through hairy chemicals elsewhere [I don't do that sort of chemical thing]to be bitterly disappointed with the resulting imagery. Colour is just wrong.

All the same the cake was just wonderful - it was made by Beth for Eve and myself and Mrs 'up yours' is still stronger than I'll ever be.  

No idea why the chains in the shop though.!

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gz said...

looking at these and looking at "voice".
You are in tune with the black and white images. That is all. And they are good.