Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sometimes a man with a silly looking hat can be a very good thing

I like hats. Well, up here I do anyway. When the cold wind screams over the cliffs it fair freezes the ears and a bad case of 'ice-cream-head' is often not far away. A warm hat is the way forward - fast forward usually as one chases it down the road after it has been blown off ones head! I have a nice warm green hat, another my dear Eve made for me in cream and some other colours and of course another knitted one Eve also made with ear pieces and an under chin[s] tie.

Today this man saved my day. Despite his sensible warm hat, he is a clever and lovely man. The chief mechanic at Mackenzie Motors, he waved his magic hands over my ailing motor and it came back to life. The door that had been making horrible noises suddenly was a smooth as can be.. How good is that? And then he didn't want to charge me??? Needless to say, I paid the man. Who can resist paying a man in a silly hat

 "Right that's enough photos, I have a car to see to"

All smiles from Mr Mackenzie in his rabbit ears hat

I can't recommend this garage enough. Buy a car from him and get the best service and on-going help you'll ever need.

Do I get a discount now?


Tony Giles said...

Oddly I was just discussing the same thing (on Google+ so no-one has seen it) but since moving here I've started building a collection of hats as well.

Don't have a green one. Yet...

Laurie said...

Funny, but teenage girls where I live in the US love those hats! My 16 yr old has two!

gz said...


Dennis Sulz said...

Dam nice hat...Trying the orwo film also