Friday, March 23, 2012



Summer has arrived. We have to take it when it comes even if it's a few months early. So I took a couple of cameras out for a stroll. Up onto the hills over-looking Garry Beach in greater Tolsta. Snook this snap with a dodgy Kiev 6c and then descended to the beach.

That was a big mistake.

No, not going to the beach but trying to cross the river across the beach - the bit where it's all stones was where I made the mistake. I mean, I could have gone a few hundred meters up-stream and crossed on the bridge but I didn't. Instead I found myself lying full length in the cold water having slipped ion the rocks. My Zorki rangefinder camera in my bag was under the water, it's metal lens shade bent all over the shop. The Kiev camera was weighing me down and not helping in my attempts to get up out the water - even though the strap had broken.

I did get up and out, bruised, battered and very wet. Strolled nonchalantly as I could back to the car left up the road, thankfully noting no-one was around [apart from Murdo-Red who was out on his quad chasing sheep nearby but behind a hill] and my little fall went un-noticed.

I called into the vilage shop on the way back where I was called something in Gaelic [which I was informed was not all complimentary] by 'Up Yours' McIver for dripping on her floor. 'Her' floor? I thought it was a community shop and being one of the community I have a right to drip there - so I did!

I'm bruised and battered this morning. Black and blue with some red bits. The Zorki has dried out nicely and the Kiev strap mended so no harm done. I shall take the bridge in future!

Pot Noodle Peter takes in the fun at the PO/Shop

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