Thursday, March 15, 2012

The day t'internet came back after a weeks hiatus. And I celebrated by uploading some snaps. As I do.

 It was The Crofter's birthday this week. Yesterday in fact. Almost 40 don't you know although he doesn't look a day under 50. Must be the sea air. Eve decided to revitalise her cake decorating skills and did a "Flying pig on a bed of Marzipan sh*t". Eh? What was that all about then. I shall be posting a snap of aforesaid cake on The Island Crofter blog soon.

Meanwhile, previously, that is, Deanne was getting ready for a working trip to Iceland. So I pointed her in the direction of Rax and his wonderful photographising of same - just in case Deanne was inclined to snap up an Icelander or two - with the camera that is. Although, it's more likely to be with an electronic imaging device me thinks.

"Up Yours MacIver" was spotted in The Smoke the other day. I had a camera with me and pressed the shutter. It's blurred. And I like it like that. It's also quiet. Unlike the real MacIver:-)

The cake-icer was in the car-park post purchasing 'stuff'. It happens that was sometimes. My MacIver'ed camera was pressed into use again and I caught two Eve's [well, one and two-thirds to be honest]. Life can be like that.

Then, later I went for a walk with The Barking Dog. We saw some sheep. They live round these parts. For a few months anyway. I snapped then up too.

Back to normality.

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gz said...

definitely snap-happy!