Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quads; Eh?

 Murdo [no, the other one! ]

Hector; worried about his lambs

Hector already has three lambs. Three little things bouncing around the croft enjoying the cool weather that has followed our early and brief summer. Autumn is on it's way already no doubt. There's lots more lambs on the way and Hector needs his quad to get around the crofts to make sure the  little beasts are ok.

I found Hector hunched over his quad - a Foreman quad I'm told only it won't start, on account of the damp weather, the state of the wind and sod's law no doubt. Murdo [no, the other one! ] happened along on his working quad to lend a hand, pass the time of day or something. I took their picture with my Kiev II loaded with Fuji 1600 and promptly over-cooked it in Rodinal.

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Mike said...

Very nice portraits, and impressive results from that fast film and old developer.