Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Secret is out

 I've been trying to snap up the soon to be married lady of that parish but for some reason the image rarely appears. I was beginning to think she was un-photograph-able - appearing merely as a space in the room or something. But, I was in An Lanntair with Anne - for that is her name - and managed to arrange a sort of image with this 'ere Soviet camera. Anne is the one on the left as it happens.

And then one develops a new film to me - Orwo N74 in Rodinal after coming out the now dried out Zorki6 after a dip in the local river/stream with me, when out pops another Anne snap complete with stookie!

I have taken one or two snaps of Eve over the years. One or two on  this bench next to the beach. And why not, it's a lovely place.

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gz said...

a beautiful snap of Eve