Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Self analysis

You know when things aren't going my way when you see a self-portrait here. It usually means I have run out of inspiration or, as in this case had too much time on my hands. The weather has been terrible of late. Snow and wind interspersed with a moment of bright sunshine. Normal I suppose. Normal in as much the ferries stopped running - aided by yet another engine breakdown.

Not sure what happened here. Brilliance I suppose :-) 

So, out came the matchbox pinhole - made previously at great expense, pointed it here and there, guessed the exposure [as I do] and ended up with what are obviously, masterpieces.


gz said...

we've had the same weather here, although the sleet and snow limited itself to the mountain top (Osian found it when he went round the trail on Sunday!)
The ferry service must make travel planning a little difficult!!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Yes - what a day it has been. I did manage a quick trot with the dog up to the Norse mill and kiln with only 1 hail shower to trudge through.