Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Reef for a stroll in the sunshine

 Bhaltos ring road

On a day like this anywhere on the island is wonderful. Eve and I once spent a night in a tent here - flippin heck it was cold I seem to recall. It's on a peninsula called Bhaltos/Valtos just the other side of the island and this day it was warm and wonderful and hardly a soul in sight all day. How good is that? Very good, trust me 

From the rock to the beach

I mean, just look at the place. White sand, clear blue sea, islands and rock. What more does one want?

 Gratuitous Sheeps on Reef machair snap

There were sheeps, but then there usually is. And they make nice little tracks around the place.

Eve enjoying the day

Eve liked the place and the day. So did I. Despite my aches.

 Inland from the top

 Seawards from the bottom


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Laurie said...

beautiful pics, the sheep shot being my favorite. Hope you're recovering from the fall-not fun.