Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The evening of The Dance

 Mr Windy and Deanne lounge gorgeously in the dance-hall.

 Sonja enjoys a pre-dance meal.

 In the bar.

On the dance-floor.

Yes, yes we went. And enjoyed ourselves but would have preferred to dance more ourselves. Still, one can't have everything and we did have the pleasure of good company. Mr Windy and Deanne were there, Sonja and Stephan too. Not forgetting Toots and the soon to be be Mrs Toots whirling round in her [temporary] wheelchair. All snapped on Fuji1600 in the Kiev rangefinder with Jupiter12 lens. Souped in Rodinal.

The aptly named Toots

Had a visit from The Artist formerly known as Jon today - the day before he departs to the Aland islands for an artist residency. Would love to visit :-) Look forward to seeing his work when he gets back.


Ian said...

Wonderful pics :-) My films are back at home waiting to be developed. Think I may have a very similar tuba shot. We both love the pic of us :-)

Laurie said...

lovely and atmospheric