Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yes, it's warm outside!

More moor

Feels like I'm slumming it in in paradise at the moment. Sunshine pouring through the windows - or would do if I get round to cleaning them. Hardly a breath of wind in the air, not long back from a short bicycle ride and previous to that a most wonderful stroll out to the peat bank this morning. I didn't cut any don't you know - we seem to have plenty at home already. But I did take a snap with this little camera I received from some nice bod over at Filmwasters as part of  'share the love'. Eh? How good is that? Very as it happens.

Go on, go and have a look at filmwasters, I know you want to.

The camera I used was a Ricoh 500g with Polypan-f rated at 200asa and developed, or should I say 'over-developed' in LC29. I like it!


Urban Hafner said...

I've been waiting for a shot with that camera! It's great to see that someone actually uses it :)

gz said...

very nice indeed.
The sun was good here, while it lasted, but the showers and the evenings are chill