Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Barking Dog is there somewhere but I think she may not have squeezed through the pinhole

 Outside nicely sucked in through the pinhole.

Inside less nicely in through the pinhole.

The Barking Dog is there somewhere. Trust me. She was doing my head in barking in that cave on Garry Beach while I patiently awaited the exposure - carefully calculated so as to get something on the film without TBD bringing the tinnitus on. I'm in the tother snap. See me there, posing oh so demurely. Or something.

It's amazing what fun one can have with a tiny hole in tin-foil and a box with film in it. Eh? I think the lith developer awaits when the weather cools off a bit. Yes, it's like southern Europe here this morning !

Had a fine meal in t'campervan of The Watson's down by the beach last night. How much fun was that? A lot of fun as it happens!

For the last few days there have been a shoal of fishing boats bobbing about in the North Minch and no doubt they will be there till the fish that are there are all gone! [and half of the catch has gone overboard as waste. What a way to treat the world's resources.]

I notice I have a few visitors most days. Please do feel free to leave your paw-print in the coments. Always nice to see something there and hear from others.


Martina said...

Want a paw? Here it is: "my paw" print.


I am following your blogs for quite a while now, and I am sure there are many other followers out there who simply - like me - just don't say anything. Or read by feedreader. You know, with all the "no-follow" plugins in the browsers nowadays ... all the statistics are lying. ;-)
Have a nice Sunday :-)!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your pinhole photography.