Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I took a stroll

 I saw this man

The urbane delights of Stornoway drew me today. I needed a change in scenery away from sheeps and grass but didn't have the time to get off-island. The sun was shining and the people only had four layers of clothing on. I took the Kodak Retinette 1a for company loaded with some really slow Fine Grained Positive film. Why not?

 People, doing things, but not many things.

I strolled this way and that. Took refreshment in the lantern and snapped a few images. This is some of they.

The old boat had moved - a bit.

 Boats were being painted all over the harbour.

See, new paint and what have you.

yep, it was time to go home!

1 comment:

Iain said...

A wonderful view of Stornoway. These images should be used in the tourist stuff, don't you think!? Delightful.