Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer is coming !

You can tell when summer is on its way when the wet weather gear comes out again after being put away for a week or so.
The rain lashed down yesterday, the wind blew hard too but surprise surprise, the ferry went to the mainland and back - not I'd have wanted to be on it though.

 Eve and Mr Posse enjoy the windy walk!

Down to the beach.

Mr Posse was still here so, we chatted the morning away, did some 'stuff' and then ventured out when the rain eased a bit. Twas lovely - the walk down cemetery road to a beach hereabouts. Breezy but really lovely.

Had a text message from some pals who are on their way up here from the southern isles " marooned on Barra; force 10 gales and no ferries". Ah well, at least they are getting the full island experience!

Saturday was a little better - as it is today. Warmish too. Eve and Mr Posse took to their bikes then and we met Mr Windy in The Woodlands cafe after a lovely coffee with Mr & Mrs Toots! How lovely was that?

 Before the ride,or was it after?

 Mr Windy casts a critical eye into my Olympus XA2

Hopefully the weather will have settled to our usual [whatever that is] by the time Ms ook arrives!

Stornoway sunshine

See, the sun can shine [for a short time ]


gz said...

makes me wonder what on earth to pack, even for a June visit!!!

Iain said...

Hi Gwynneth, it's probably tempting fate to suggest you pack everything you've got! The Hebrides can sure give Wales a run for its money at times!

Ian said...

It was a wild Sunday - good day to be stuck in the lab leaving me free on another better day ;)