Tuesday, May 01, 2012


The dog 

Nice innit?

The dog and I thought so. That''s why we went for a slight strollation on the road to nowhere today - enjoying the fine weather. Twas really quite warmish so we stopped and looked at the sea for a bit before I took the dog to her home and came back to ours. There was rubbish over the road as the dustbin operatives seem to have decided to throw our bin around a bit before getting to the truck. Had a nice five minutes picking it all up :-( Such is life.

Walked past here too. Twice.


gz said...

It has been beautiful this afternoon here too. Such a relief!! (but sounds as if it will be but a brief respite)

Ian said...

Nice weather for walking dogs :-)
Lovely to see you yesterday, thanks for calling in.

Iain said...

We, too, had a perfect day yesterday. It reached plus 23 degrees in afternoon and remained beautiful, sunny, windless and warm till close of day.