Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yes, it's hot here too

 Looking into the mist [ as Sammi the seal juggles six balls in the sea below]

Our friends Anne and David were up this way recently, so I took them for a stroll round Tolsta Head. If you haven't been round there, you should do. Birds and everything to be seen. I can see it as I write to be quite honest.

Hopefully you won't get bonxed by the Arctic Skuas or fall off the steep cliffs where the sheeps sometimes go to their demise. Hopefully you'll be able to see the mainland - although if you can see it clearly then head home as there will be bad weather coming in. Probably. This day it was hot. Very hot for here - and close. Did I tell you it was hot as well?

 Clocks [with summer hat! ] and Beinn

Even Clocks has taken a summer look and he looks years younger than he looked before. And Beinn the doggie followed him round all the same. When I say 'followed', what I really mean is that he walks around the village with Clocks wondering where he is.

Hector's peats

The peat cutting is doing well this year - but we haven't cut this year, the first year since we have been here  we haven't. We'll be back next year though. These are Hector's peats all nicely stacked in front of t'neighbours house. Yes, that's not Hector's house behind.  Makes me tired just looking at it!

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