Thursday, July 05, 2012

I shouldn't do that

I took the Zorki6 out for a stroll yesterday. He's quieter than the dog I borrow for a walkies and more interesting. Although Ghriet can be good company she produces nothing more than a smell and a pile on the ground. The Zorki on the other hand smells not at all. Not even that ex-Soviet yak-string sort of smell that they are so famous for. Even more famous for than the images they can make. That's unfair of course since the Zorki 6 with a Jupiter 8 is a fine box with glass - and it is with the Industar 61 as well. But I prefer the tarty looks of the Jupiter. That's just the way I am.

This is the .........

The sun was shining again. So much so it might be bordering on boring. Weeks of it now. There's even a little water shortage !  No wind here either but luckily the midges have more sense than lurk hereabouts. The road beckoned. The children out on the bikes all helmeted up - how sensible they are. When I was at that age that sort of helmet hadn't even been invented Eh?

Forgive me if my mind is shaking a bit while I write this but I'm listening to Late Junction on Radio3 and this particular squawkiness is, as they say down Manchester way "Doing me 'ead in " (McGoff 1999-2006).

And that bit is for.......

I have just noticed in the Guardian, that Marxism 2012 is soon on. Do let me know what happened if any of you are going. I would love to know! I mean, the wonderful Dr David Harvey is speaking ! He did my 'ead in while I was trying to 'do' me Phd. Which I didn't. 'Do' that is. Well, I did do it, I just didn't finish it. Got distracted by life and the enigma of capital. As you do. Anyway, start here.

Happy weaver

Going back to yesterday, all hot and close. Did I say hot?  I was wandering down t'road, Zorki6 in hand, pink satchel hanging from my shoulder. I stopped at the huge new house being built and had a thought. Eh? Me? Thinking ? Yes.

I stood and shot. Several times as it happens. Then the film ran out! Botheration. I was still walking down the road at this point.

I'm rambling on here. Suffice to say, I took the film home later and found these images from a visit of The Watson's from Saddleworth earlier in the year - out at the local tweed weavers!

Must not leave a camera with used film in it for so long. Ah well, nice surprise though.

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