Sunday, July 01, 2012

It's started

Window on the world. Well, on a wall at Fort George anyway

There we were, supping a glass of irn bru or something with The Artist formerly known as Jon who had come for a very welcome short visit. The ink was received with pleasure and later applied albeit unsuccessfully to my first Oilprint. Or Oilsmudge in my case. Eh? Then The Artist was introduced to The Crofter. Why not?

Whilst we were enjoying the moment, exchanging musings and tales of places been and peoples met, The Race had begun over there in Italy. Yes, Italy. The Tour of Italy cycle race for women. Brillaint. Wish I could be there to witness it as we have some fine GB riders who should do well as the race progresses.

Maybe not quite as well as the great Wiggly Braggins . He's doing another race in France for the boys and started as favourite. You can see what's going on here. Mr Braggins Sir was second in the prologue yesterday which is a whole lot better than winning it as it happens. Mr Cancellara who did win it is not an overall contender and, Mr Braggins' team will not have a yellow leaders jersey to defend. Complicated isn't it? Not really. Give it a look and you'll soon be hooked.

Meanwhile the Scottish based pro cycling team Endura are riding brilliantly and winning a stage in the Czech Tour. The Tour of Poland starts soon with another squad from Mr Braggins' team. Then in Venezuela there's another stage race starting just as the Tour of Quinghai Lake in China comes to its closing stages and where a pal from my Velodrome days is working as helper/gofor for the Iranian team I think! It's all go in the Pro cycling world.

I notice too that Ms Pendleton, she who once hoovered our stairs, is appearing in all manner of adverts for this and that as she nears her last race on the track in London. 

Here, I will go for a stroll in the sunshine soon!

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