Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Sea. And land.

This is what it looks like. Just down t'road the other day - and this morning as it happens. Whilst I was walking on the beach. With a borrowed dog. A noisy dog who doesn't know when it's time to stop barking.

See, that's clear water there. And fish in it and seals and all. And sometimes Orca whales, dolphins and sea birds bobbing on the top. They find it easy to do that. Moving this way and that, making a life. 

The ferry doesn't like though. It's stopped. Again, for rather longer than it's meant to. So, if you want to go to those mountains that wrinkle the skyline, you'll have to fly or swim with the fishes. And everything. Always everything.

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gz said...

You notice that they worry about people being stranded on the mainland, not the other way around!!