Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The road to Phabail Pier

For those in trouble

See those whitish marks on the images? Look in the sky, you can see them there best. Ah yes, you see them now don't you. Eh? It's patina of the image. That's what I call it anyway. Comes from using badly stored out of date film. I used to have a stash of Perutz film that exhibited the same effects from time to time - but I only had paid three brass washers for them so that was ok. And I loved the results that emanated from it in the pinhole camera.

Art; but not as you know it.

I'd been hankering for an image of somewhere not too far from here for a while. A few weeks ago I shot down there when the mist was hereabouts and exposed a bit of film at 'it'. Only thing was, on developing the film the other day then printed it up in t'darkroom, I realised it was my 'patinated' film inside. Was I mad? Yes as it happens. Or perhaps no. Disappointed really. Yes that's it. Serves me right. 'Being' there is always going to be better than imaging it. No doubt the weather will be just lovely again today [it is as gaze outside] and this particular image making will have to wait till I return from away - when the image-making conditions will be just perfect. Until I get back. Again. I know what I'm talking about anyway.

 Phabail Pier

Not to be dismayed, the patinated film was loaded into the pinhole camera and off I went to Point to see Alex, my work colleague. Yes, I have to work you know - even though I am off shift this week as it happens. Down on Point there's a fine old pier - often used by yoof to jump off into the sea on  hot days [1 day in every 5 years or so]. See, there it is. All weirded up on account of my incompetence. 
I even walked to one side and shot another frame. You can see that one below. Good isn't it?

Phabail rocks

It is a rather nice place by all accounts. The rain started to gently fall, I thought of Steve Dilworth for some reason, [check this out NOW! ] and retreated to the horseless carriage that conveyed me there. But not before the world started to fall over. I went home. [and later out to work!!!!!].

The world falls over.

Then I went home.

At home again

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Mitch said...

like the affect. first time I've seen that pattern on badly out of date stored film. there is a first time for everything