Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bike races

Homage to Robert Capa

Have you ever been to watch a cycle race. You know, the ones outdoor where riders in Lycra [and before that wool] whoosh past in a second after you have been waiting for hours by the side of the road. Unless you are on a big mountain where the riders are more strung out and take a while to go past. Well, I have. A few times. A few too many times really. But maybe that was because it's 'my' sport.

Since we were down in Richmond with our lovely friends Fleur and Gren, we took it upon ourselves to watch the road cycling events. On the day of the men's event the weather was warm. The ferry ride to the north side of the Thames took us to Marble Hill house area where, an hour or so before the passing of the race - the early part f the race, we picked our spot by a bus shelter. We cheered everything that moved on bicycles - kids, mums, dad, messengers - everyone really. We laughed and smiled and people and laughed with us. Even PC Plod had a laugh and a smile.Soon the Aussies from the house over the road had set  up the obligatory BBQ. Flags appeared from balconies and the roadside filled up. A lot.

Fleur tests the flag.

Then they came - the Police motorcycle display team and a lost pizza-delivery boy on his little Honda hotly pursued by a hundred or so cyclists on lumps of carbon-fibre. Going fast. So fast that they were gone before they came. Almost. We cheered though.

Later Richmond Park beckoned. It was even more crowded there but I did meet up with one of my sisters up from Somerset for the day. Big crowds, nice people to meet. Fantastic atmosphere. As usual we didn't see much but then you go for the atmosphere don't you?
Some people went higher than others to see over the hoards in front.

Bin and done that.

We met our good friends Muna, Richard and the girls too - flying along on their Bikies no doubt training for the Olympics in 12 years time. Wonderful

Aara in training. [my fav snap of the moment ]

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lovely pictures, especially the last one!