Sunday, August 12, 2012

Did I tell you about Maisy?


I came blinking out of the darkroom earlier after a particularly fruitless hour to find Ms Maisy sat just here as in this snap. It's where she goes when she wants food. So we have the finest food in stock for her since the sad demise of Mr Pushhkin.

Ms Maisy was the friend of Katie over t'road but she upped sticks and went to live the highlife in Stornoway. Then Alasdair fed Ms Maisy but sadly he passed on to another place so Ms Maisy came under our auspices. Which, as you might imagine, we are very happy about. Only she is somewhat difficult to get to know. One can't get within a metre of her and she would never step over the threshold either. But I think she smiles a bit when the food comes out.

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yeractual said...

No doubt she has the measure of you there. They do seem to enjoy an element 9or two, or three) of control, I find!