Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mr Wiggins won!

Yep, we were there when Mr Wiggins won the road time trial event. Didn't you see me? I was the one without the flag, with camera and shouting.
Ah well, here's some snaps from the plastic Holga camera. Complete with real light leaks!

Raising the flag at Iwo Kingston Bridge

 Waiting for Mr Wiggins [and others]

 Gossiping to Ailsa

 Here's Mr Wiggins!!!!!

 Listening to the Sea Horse radio to see if Mr Wiggins was fast enough.

He's Won. Mr Wiggins has won!

Lovely. What a fab day and met Ailsa McWhinnie and hubby too. See books by Ailsa here and web-site here. We had never met before but felt I had known her all my life. What a lovely couple of people. Have a look at the Paris-Roubaix images on Aisla's website here. Brilliant :-)

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