Friday, September 21, 2012

Cage; What's that all about ?

Look, what's this all about five grown men playing with radios while another reads a newspaper? And the Stornoway Gazette at that! Bonkers. Even more bonkers was that Eve & I paid to watch it. Only I found myself enthralled. Totally enthralled with a smile welded to my mush all evening.

It was a John Cage event at An Lanntair. And yes, they did 'do 4' 33" - and what a virtuoso performance it was. From the moment Peter who-sit walked on stage it was brilliant. As was the next piece for piano, percussion and voice. Some erb for tv world called John Cavanagh did that bit - and did it rather well too. Strutting hither and thither and commanding the stage as the percussionist at the rear threw caution to the wind and table tennis balls to the floor.

There was a very fine rendition of 42 LPs bought at Bethesda shop in some relation to I ching or something equally odd. The best was kept till last. 6 radios and one voice. Yer man Cavanagh again with reading of newspapers, and 5 men on [analogue] radios - including The Artist formerly known as Jon who looked rather wary as if he was worried about tuning per chance to The Archers mid performance. He didn't and the piece was amazing. Yer Man read the gazette and fish update - as some do. Quoth Ian Stephens, Jori et al to their surprise as they sat in t'audience.

Yes, most of you missed it which was great pity. I was there and have a fine old time.

I have a photo lurking in the camera somewhere of the whole affair. While I develop the film I shall record the sounds, write the score and publish as a hand-made book as a momentoe of the event. Perhaps.

I have included here two snaps from earlier in the day. From Traigh Mhor, Toslat

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Laurie said...

We'll have to see it to believe it. Audio would help too!