Monday, September 03, 2012

I may have mentioned this before but,,,

I don't 'do' landscapes. Portraits of places maybe but definitely not landscapes.

Yes, it's 'that' castle.

This is no exception, trust me. I've been meaning to make a nice portrait of this nice looking gaff every-time we pass it - usually on the way home to the ferry from Uig to Tarbert. It is a big tourist trap. Although this day it was early, overcast and what have you, the midges were biting so no too over-crowded in the car-park. We stopped, I snook out to snap it up then we moved on to the next layby where there are some nice loos. Like you do.

It is a portrait. Although I feel somewhat embarrassed posting it. I mean, everyone takes this snap.


Jeff Damron said...

No need to be embarrassed. Everyone else shoots it as a landscape, not a portrait.

Iain said...

Nicely broody, I'd say.

Laurie said...

Has a lovely, ancient air to it-I think you've stripped away the touristy stuff and got the essence.

Julio F said...

"I mean, everyone takes this snap." Maybe, but not with that clouds and water reflections. Beautiful.