Friday, September 07, 2012

Of course we know how to party

Shy of two

 Yes, they were enjoying themselves too

Eve, sister Lynne and Dominique guard cup-cakes

See, my big sister had a significant birthday, my little sister too - I didn't but had one of them days already. We gathered in the wilds of the Somerset Levels. In the garden, the orchard next door and all. Over-cup-caked, over-whelmed with good food and drink. And company. Yes the company was lovely. Games too. We threw things at other things - properly you know. Like you are meant to and everything. Smite them, hard. Threw things over things, took bit of wood out of piles of wood. That sort of thing. That's how you have a good party.

Twas brill. Even if my younger sister wouldn't have her snap taken.

 Welcome, to My world


We burnt things. No witches to hand so we burnt wood. Once we had de-plummed the ground. De-quinced it too. Then people sat round hoping the rain wouldn't come. It did..

Lynne, posing while cooking

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Iain said...

Good old, honest-to-goodness fun! A rare treat these days!