Saturday, October 13, 2012

All galleried out

The day was nice. The barking dog was asleep in her Smit-housey and Oiseval Gallery beckoned. We loaded the little vehicle with fruit and some Doris Burgers for Mr Coelyne and set off for a late breakfast. We didn't quite make it into the gallery as there was coffee to be drunk and, the world put to right. If you notice how much better the day has been?

We came away this time with darkroom papers very kindly gifted to me by Saffron - another photographer from Engerland who now works mainly in alternative processes now. And lovely work it is too. I can hardly wait to get into the darkroom to work with these lovely papers and hopefully make a masterpiece. I wish!

Now, shall I start with the trad shots [see above], the lith or the blur?? Mmm, the choice is somewhat overwhelming.

I shall just go in there and do what the mood takes me.

Now, the winter is lovely here. The wind blows regularly, it can rain for days and the tearooms are often shut. Not so the Butty Bus in Leverburgh mentioned a few days ago [a four Butty rating here] and now you can add to that the Rainbow Gallery & cafe where a fine cup of coffee and lovely cakes are available six-days a week over the winter. Go there, look at the photos on sale and also the lovely paintings of Sarah Green. [a five coffee-pot rating here].

BTW;  Please read this article.

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