Monday, October 15, 2012

darkroom day

It really lashed down last night. Work me up with the racket of the hail - or whatever it was - rattling on the roof. Just as well the island drains well - although the sea did seem rather higher than usual this morning. Not sure if the two are related.

Buoyed up by the new-to-me darkroom papers I spoke about yesterday, I took myself off to my little darkroom for a minor sloshing of the chemicals - in this case, some Rollei-Creative-Lith.The new papers are fab - but I won't show those snaps yet since - they are still wet and I haven't really looked at them yet. The RC paper I have dries quickly though so here is a snap I took in Assynt and printed onto Agfa MCC RC. It almost has a Japanese look to it I think.

Portrait of a road; Assynt.

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