Thursday, October 18, 2012


Lucrecia is coming for a few days. Oh, how lovely that will be. The kettle is already on. Models are primed. Film de-frosted and everything. Lucrecia will be doing the snapping. Me just looking and learning.

Lucrecia is coming all the way from Cornwall. Eh? How good is that? Very good if you didn't realise. Mater [OBE], Pater and Fred on their way too so bound to have a fine time.

Yes, there are snaps of Lucrecia and Fred on this here blog but you'll have to find them yerselfs as theym don't look like that now - all growed up and all that. Life eh? [unless you click here - Sorry Lucrecia/Fred, couldn't resist]

And, please note, Lucrecia likes me blurred up snaps too - at least that's what she tells me! If Ms Hunter want's to get into the fab Bath Spa Uni course [one of my old uni's ] she'd be better off looking at these snaps here.

In fact, all go and look now while I drink my green tea.

Ti- dum, dum dum dum.

Nice eh?

Looks like an 'orrible day here for a change. The sun that recently bathed us in its cold light has gone and now the wind blows. Cold.

Proper island wall. [and everything]

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