Tuesday, October 09, 2012

much pleasure

It is with much pleasure I post this little snap of The Smit boys taken last weekend using up the last from of a roll of Fomapan400. I like it. Like them too. Lovely family and everything.

Tell me you like it, tell me please.

The darkroom beckons for this one.

Bradley Wiggins was playing in a band the other night. Thrashing his guitar within an inch of his life with his band. The place was full but by the interval a lot had gone. The performance was a little dull and I told Mr Wiggins too when he popped in my box to see me. "The performance was a little flat" I said. He nodded sagely and disappeared to prepare for the second half. It started interestingly with the TDF winner laying on a hospital trolley his band pushing him about the stage while he held the guitar  his bassist bowing Mr Wiggins' strings with a violin bow, flames leaping from the body of the Strat. Then water spurted and put it all out. Mr Wiggins announced that he couldn't go on. And it finished.

Amazing what one dreams Eh?


Jeff Damron said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

Your work is very much enjoyed down here in Down Under !!!!! Best regards. M and M