Monday, October 29, 2012

Beach stroll

See that? [above]
That's Gress beach. This morning.

Was up with the birds doing the shoppe run into The Smoke collecting the milk and papers not forgetting the cakes and all. Then it was back to Tolsta and the shoppe before traipsing back to The Smoke again for The Crofter to deliver teef to the Dentist place.

 Sand and water. That's what it's like down there.

 More sand and water. Told you.

 Sand, water and sky. With a little land.

 I've bin here before.

Seaweed. That's here as well.

Gress beach was still there when I passed so, I pulled into the wee car-park, took out my Perkeo and walked, meditated and shot a roll of film. Back Home I developed the roll. This is those shots - or at least some of them.

I shall rest now before The Hunters arrive.

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gz said...

nice sand and water images