Monday, November 12, 2012

The next day

It's got to me a bit, the tooth that is. Yay yay yay! I mean, it's a bit sensitive. Seen the tooth doctor who prodded it this way and that but it's covered in gold so goodness knows what's underneath. No doubt it's wrong though and no doubt it will cost me money - and pain. I shall keep you informed.

Just excuse me while I read 'The Overcoat' By Gogol. Have you nothing you to do for a few moments?

Good isn't it?

You still here?

I posted this snap elsewhere - and some people liked it. It wasn't even real. Just a neg scan but since then the darkroom called me so now we have a hard-copy on silver gelatin. I like it.

Fingering his chanter; holding up the wall.

Oh dear, pick me up off the floor! I can just imagine the guffawing of a certain Coelyne at this print. I know, I know, I can hardly see the thing myself. And its waxed. Stopped short of giving it a full Brazilian but waxed all the same. It's on old Agfa Portriga - sepia-ed - with my own mix a chems. Hence the 'texture'.

Like it?
If so, please say so. :-)

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Iain said...

Both are interesting, shade and feel.