Monday, December 17, 2012

Hubble bubble no toil and lots of trouble

Green with ..... something

Reminds me of last night this snap does. Looks like my head felt for some reason. Thought it was going to explode at one point so I took myself off downstairs into the Summer Parlour so as to not mess the clean sheets - and Lord Wiesmier [and Eve of course]. 

I'd had a little drop of multigrade in my eye a few days before - washed it out and all that but my eye ached all the same. Worse in fact. Washed it again and again with proper eye stuff and everything but things got worse with my head throbbing, my eye socket hurting - yes the one I broke at a bike race many years ago - and generally feeling like my head was about to turn inside out.

I thought I'd better write a letter to Eve in case the worse happened - then, without further ado something went bubble-dubble or some such thing in the sinus area and all seemed to go right. I decided to go to bed and then slept till midday. Alls well that ends well.

Happy Christmas everybody. Have a wonderful festive season what ever that means to you. And thanks so much for popping by and keeping me company all these years :-)


astrobeck said...

Happiness to you during the holidays. Glad your eye and head are better. Reading this blog makes my day, or days, and often too. Makes me smile a grin like a cat that just ate a fat rat with no effort. Stay well and stay happy!

all my bestest bests to you and Eve.

Anonymous said...

And greetings to you too - from a very hot and humid Down Under. All the best for Christmas and for 2013. Your blog gives us great pleasure. M and M

Iain said...

Aye indeed. It's that time of year again! Have yourselves a very fine/mycket fint Xmas/Jul and all that! Like the green effect but what's that monster beast???

Harvey said...

Wishing a great holiday to you and yours. It's always a pleasure to stop by your site. I always leave smiling!