Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Plans for 2013


At about this time of year, the photo-forums start to ask about one's plans for 2013. Look, at Filmwasters they are asking such a thing - and you'll note I have not posted anything [yet - I think. Excuse me while I go to check. I have a cold you know and that doesn't help the thinking bits at all]. It is my fav forum - lovely personages and everything and, they don't talk endlessly about the best lens to photograph a monkey in Burma. Or how many pixels you can get on pinhead sort of thing. But still, there's s till a bit of 2012 to go and I'm going to make the best of that before I start thinking about next year. Why, that's nearly 10 rolls of film away!

The sunrise was a bit special this morning. Wonderful crescent moon lurking over a twinkling star peaking between the wispy clouds that lurked over the Minch and the Mountains thereafter - lit up in silhouette by an orange light. You see, we live in a village on the bit of land near Tolsta Head with views over to the mainland of Scotland. It's here. Nice innit?

I do have plans as it happens. Although I have decided to keep them as a secret from myself so I can delight when I discover what they are.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Google map link. I enjoyed taking a virtual stroll around the village.