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It’s that time of year again. You know the one; where fake snow appears like dandruff on the windows of shoppes, the awful songs of the period are recycled yet again and Noddy Holder awaits in anticipation of another cheque dropping onto the mat.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I like some of the songs – those olde carols of that are still sung in ye Yorkshire pubs I can cope with and Kate Rusby did a fine version of some of those too.

But to be quite honest Mr Nicholas, you have a lot to answer for. Or maybe it’s us that has to do the answering though since your wonderworking with little gifts has rather been taken to excess and co-opted to help preserve the consumer capitalist society we find ourselves in. To the extent that now I consider the time to be a Festival of Over -consuming. It wasn't meant to be like that was it? This week for example, three days before people celebrate your day, it is now called Mega-Monday or some such nonsense!

Then there’s those imposter types that have weedled there way into this consuming-led life - Santa Klaus, Father Christmas and the like. NOT A RED COAT - GREEN FOR GOODNESS SAKES! Honestly, that was some AmeriCAn fizzy drinks company that made it red I think. Anyway, I don’t believe.

Getting back to the point of  this letter Mr Nicholas, my little brain cells are exploding as I try to think of a small but thoughtful gift to give my dear Eve with whom I have been civilly partnered [which you probably don’t understand – but hey… ] for 6 years and with for 12 wonderful years.

Torn between making something – which I am not very good at, and buying something, I might have to go with the latter. Only books and CD of the type Eve may like cannot be bought locally but since Amazon have not been paying taxes properly I am less inclined to buy from there. Similarly, the orange that used to nestle in the bottom of my Christmas pillow-case  comes with too many food miles. The veg for a hearty meal are sprayed with ghastly chemicals that are laying waste to the bees – among other creatures and that outrages my elder sister and puts us all in peril in the future.

Should I Mr Nicholas, just shower Eve with the love and affection she well deserves, ignore the Festival of Over Consumption altogether or what?

I know you aren't really there, I know you can't answer me - although, just in case I am wrong I'd love a nice night's sleep without nightmares and things, but perhaps I'm asking the wrong person here and it's not in your remit. Anyway, Saint, may I call you Saint? Saint, what do I do?

yours with not much hope


Saint Nicholas; if you do read this do follow this link for a lovely treat. :-)

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Iain said...

I'm sure you'll think of something, after all you have plenty of time left!! I'm not very fond of oor Kate (Rusby). She's never impressed me and can be a bit one-paced, as Martin Carthy once commented to me about one of her, then, new albums, a few years back. When she was with Tim O'Brien's Transatlantic Crossing band, she fitted in well.