Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunshine - Hey!

I looked out the window, Lord Wiesmier with his new companion Gertrude [Dirty Gertie] snuggled by his side and noticed the strange glow. It was the sun again! Eve and I shot out of bed - eventually - once the obligatory chocolate breakfast had been consumed, threw on our boots and set off down t'road to get The Crofter.

At The Crofters

The Crofter was suspiciously happy. Not sure it was anything to do with his recent night out, or he was pleased to see us. It didn't really matter since the sun was shining and the geese had not attacked me. The stroll down the road to the beach was lovely - even if it was straight into the bright sunshine. I'm not complaining as we have not seen it much recently. Three personages came the opposite way casting their greetings willy-nilly. 


We passed my favourite local landscape - no doubt sculpted by Slartibartfast a few millennia back whilst practising for the fjords.

The beach was deserted. No sand either. Must be the local builders nicking it all - or perhaps the recent storms took it away. Must have at least 1.5 m depth of the stuff gone. The resulting gritty beach that is left is not the most appealing but, we were there, the sun was shining and so were the birdy things flapping around the place.

The beach sported a sign warning not to proceed further. Must have been because of The Crofter's dodgy tum - or maybe the sign had been swept there by the storm. We ignored it anyway. As one does and enjoyed the peace of the grit covered beach.

We had a lovely time since you ask - not that you could tell by looking at the snaps! 

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