Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crafting at Barvas

If I can find this print, I might just have it on show at the Barvas and Brue Community Crafty thing this Sat - over at Barvas and Brue Community Centre. Tis a lovely place with lots going on all through the year - even singing and dancing for goodness sakes!

Many apologies, it's me. Looking all,,,, all,,, something. And everything. The print is a cyanotype and myself and Coelyne of the Coelynes will be demonstrating how two disparate types of print-makers can make a mess of the affair in two totally different ways!

I have also produced a couple of glass-plates taken yesterday which, given a fair wind and some positive vibes, I will attempt to transpose into a cyanotype print before your very eyes - without even a safety net [sits back and waits for applause]. Mind you, you might have to watch for a while as the old glass plates [Ilford R25 if you really want to know] are a bit dense and messy to boot. Perhaps I should have emailed Ilford to complain since they are only about 30 years out of date.

Yes, it's me again. I mean, who else can you get a short notice to sit nearly still in front of Toot's 4x5? Eh? And I don't come cheap either! Actually, I moved purposely so you can't see how much I have aged between shots - about 10 mins apart. :-)

Apparently, it all starts at 2pm.

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