Sunday, February 24, 2013

That'll learn you!

I might be back but Mrs 'Up Yours' might well be joining the sphere of blogging. Now, if you think this is gentle madness............ I shall keep you up dated as it were.

Now, this cheerfull chappie, who, as it happens lives down the road near the sheeps of The Crofter [in a house and everything - unlike the sheeps] had been spraying the next door hoosey with gravel or something. Sort of making it more cosy I suppose. Certainly it looks nicer but this snap caught The Worker* not smiling - for the fiirst time ever.[*Yes, I do know his name but not how to spell it!]. The Worker was in a dilemma [A bit like a Cortina but with less panache] as to whether to really smile, grimace or merely 'be'. You can make your mind up what he chose. I miss his cheery demeanour outside now.

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