Friday, February 01, 2013

There was an eagle that looked somewhat golden, behind my right ear

That's better. Proper winter's day on the beach just over there [pointing uselessly to my left]. The sun was shining yesterday don't you know.

We exchanged pleasantries at the shoppe as we bought our 'things'. Lots of lovelies there that morning going out now one can stand upright and not have to hold onto something to prevent an unexpected swim in the sea.

Yes, I told you before that I walked here. Just over there [again pointing in a totally useless way at the screen but feeling better for it] along the top of the dunes after strolling down there [pointing etc....] on the way up the sand. Then I espied an eagle soaring up on the breeze, looking for rabbits no doubt for a nice furry breakfast. Golden hues glinting in the sun. I turned as it was time to shoot a shot with the Perkeo and the eagle flew just behind my right ear. Not literally you understand! What do you take me for ? A Mad woman?

Don't answer that.

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