Saturday, March 16, 2013

A skin of banana or something

Mrs Up Yours McIver aka Dot-Ross McIver - trying to sell me something.
We have an author in the village. Have I told you that? Actually, now I come to think of it there are at least two - one of which is Mrs Up Yours. She has a blog Unbound - which is so bonkers it comes with a health warning. She was wittering about nearly slipping on an iced-up banana skin while out jogging this morning [as if...]. I'm sure she said that! Only, obviously she realises now she's lost the plot and deleted the post. Just as well as I was going to sue her for defamation or summut as the banana skin wasn't frozen when I last saw it. And the weather is really quite mild at the moment. Apart from the days it snowed. And those when it froze. Apart from that.


mbt said...

I'm shocked! Mrs Up Yours looks positively normal and I now feel safe to comment on her blog but thought I'd approach it via yours to start with. I don't know what is in your water in the village but it certainly seems to influence the writing of at least two residents...sounds an ideal place to retire to.

Dorothy Ross MacIver said...

Andrea I can assure you the banana skin was both icy and - AND banana- y and how come I look bauld in that photo!!
Yours, Mrs UYs (ps. am just back from walking around in gale force winds and driving rain - in the pitch black - normal - only on bad days :))