Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meeting folk on a stroll round our end of the village - excepting Mrs Up Yours who has featured a lot on here already - and I'm unsure if that's a "good thing."



The weather was so nice again yesterday I just couldn't contain myself, setting off at a briskish pace down to see The Crofter to enquire if any sheeps-lettes had arrived. There had been none as yet. Oh well, there Herself next door out in the garden planting nice things to make the place look pretty. We pass the time of day - "Lovely day" I say in that slightly over-friendly way I have. "Ooh it is" Herself replies I seem to recall.

It's just as well I have a good memory and can recollect such interesting conversations I have as the day progresses. I mean, later in the day I found my self discussing how incomers like myself and my co-conversationalist - a former post-punk rock band drummer boy - make the decision to move to the islands based solely the ability to park. Eh? I know, but he was from Manchester originally. Just as well I almost remembered what we talking about and all isn't it?

I also recall I went in Herself's hoosey to see Himself who was basking in the window telling me, in between sucking on a roll-up about how the Muir Burning used to glow over the hooseys here before the street-lights came and ruined the sight - and that of the dark-nights.  Now it's the smoke from the out-of-control burning out at the bridge to nowhere that one can see and smell around the place. When I say 'the place', I mean the island. Could hardly breathe when I was driving out to a job in the evening on the other side of the island where the smoke had been blown!


Then I bumped into Gregor - no job too small - mending the roof on Cal's daughter's hoose.  Right smiler he is too - and a fine ballroom dancer with his Dr wife. And no his head is not on fire - it's the moor on fire!

Last of all I see Theresa who is still reeling from The Move. Her nice big hoosey over the road has been finished and they are in - moved from the other side of the road. 


The New Big Hoosey

Ok, Ok, I know you want to see Mrs Up Yours but you cannot. Not today. Today is the day Mrs U-Y has released a segment from her excellent novel. Here's a sub-clip;

"Guardian Psycho more like," Degs interjected

Right that's enough. Don't actually want to promote the thing - she is bonkers after all.

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Dorothy Ross MacIver said...

I love you!!!! And you blog makes me laugh a lot! (ps. I've been in the "big hoosey" - twice - it is fabulous. Still love the "Crap Shack" though.