Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This is not one of them...

Crofter in a strange world

I was talking to my Galleriest and framer [blush] over at Oiseval Gallery in Brue this afternoon. I'd taken a jaunt over there with the recently retired Toots of Bac and soon the conversation ended up on my stylee of snapping and presenting my snaps.

You see, I believe that ones snaps should be captured, printed and displayed as part of a whole 'performance'. It's not just point an over pixelled machine at a beach press another button and hey presto, a print comes out. Of course I am waffling, trying to make out I'm something I am not, but isn't that what we all do?  

The taking of the snap, the print itself, title of the print, the price, the making of the print in the darkroom and the reactions to the viewer are all part of the 'performance'. And I can perform I can tell you! 

Just remember this little sermon when and if you view my hand-made lith-prints in the show soon at An Lanntair [and no, the exhibitioniony is not on their website or anywhere else either! Wouldn't want people to know about it would we?] . Eh?


gz said...

when does the exhibition finish? Will we be able to see it at the end of April?

You need to show the world your marvelous work!

Keith said...

That's really nice.

I find that giving a picture a title adds a whole lot more to it's "persona"