Thursday, May 09, 2013

Showtime in Tolsta

There's a show on tonight in Tolsta apparently. Just down the road at dusk it should be as Wilma attempts to catch Laclan's pal. Laclan being a cockerel and his pal the same. Only it's Laclan that has landed being caught at the moment - twice and not his pal. Why dusk? I asked the question myself. Apparently, it's because they might be sleepy! As if.. I'm sure The Crofter doesn't have this problem when it's time to wring  necks or whatever they do. Still, the family Wilma moved up from Bristol so what does one expect eh? So, don't forget this evening at dusk. I'll be there lurking in the bushes with my camera :-)

Just as well the sun is shining and it's all a bit warm up here - for a change. We can all sit around in comfort and watch the show!

I was busy in the darkroom yesterday. This was not the result! I wish it was. I mean, I started with this neg - taken with the kowa6 but having to work in the near dark and all. Mixed my stop with the fix and that does things no good at all. Apart from an interesting texture that is.

Maybe a start of a series of snaps; On Texting. Homage to Andre Kertesz 'On reading'

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