Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Now that's a coat!

Made by someone fab I'm told. Has a label and all that. Bought at a very up-market establishment and here modelled by Yvonne Davidson [I think !]. Mrs Davidson brought her photographist husband along for a coffee too that day. Only, I don't like the snap I took of him - you can recognise him and all that. That'll never do. I shall put this snap down as a practice run for old Meadsey who will be here later in the week. Although whether he has such sartorial elegance, remains to be seen.

Now, it's 9pm and I've just been to look at the Lith print I made of this on Bergger Prestige paper. Not too bad although perhaps has a lacking in it somewhere. I think perhaps it might sing better as a 'normal' silver gelatin print doused in sepia - split toned sort of thing. I shall try that soon I think. In the meantime, if the print is dry in the morning I might even ad it to this post. If you are good.

So here is a ]badly scanned ] Lith print. Eh?

Orders now being taken for your Festival of over-consumption portraits. Eh?

1 comment:

James Dyas Davidson said...

Not surprised you decided not to put up the shot of me! The usual decision.
Yvonne loves the picture of the Boden coat. J&Yx