Monday, November 25, 2013

Do you like this?

You may not. Not sure I do to really despite the presence of a wall - albeit a mainland wall. It may be something to do with where you/we were born in time and place, how we/you have lived your/our life/lives and what have you.

I'm trying to recall something that, at the time anyway, had a big influence on my thinking. Now, I have trouble thinking at all. But once, when I was 'reading for a Phd' as they say, I got into Pierre Bourdieu. It all made perfect sense back then as I tried to cajole the theory to fit the facts that I was unravelling. Twas all about dentists if you want to know - demand, supply and the social milieu. At least I seem to remember it was. In Somerset don't you know. The research, not the Uni - that was oop north [or, down sarf from here].

I was going to write about how this informs our tastes - as it does. That Bourdieu fella had it sorted. I think. But now I want to write about it, it all eludes me. Gone right out of my head. The knowledge, it seems has fallen off its perch. The nail must have rusted away so to speak.

If you want to know why  it all made sense once, you'll just have to do the research yourself. But I do recall its worth it.

Be careful about admitting you like Jack Vettriano paintings for example.

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GB said...

I don't recall very much at uni or whilst I was doing post grad making very much sense until after I'd done it and I had the good fortune to come to Lewis when I was doing my MPhil and had a good excuse to abandon it. But then you see I enjoyed some of JV's work before it became well known and popular (I think I first saw it in Canada). But then as someone with very eclectic tastes in a wide range of things I suppose it can be said that I have no taste at all. But who cares? Not JV that's for sure. And I dont suppose that if PB were still alive he'd care very much either.